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Submission Guidelines

Third Eye Storytelling is looking to help storytellers, like you, share their stories! The comic book industry is a hard one to break into, and growing an audience for your audio drama podcast can be just as hard; so let us help in being that first step taken into the world of storytelling. Whether you have your own Stand-Alone series, or a story line that can fit in our Anthology, The Devastation, our doors, ears, and minds are open to your ideas.

We here at Third Eye Storytelling are open to many genres: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror, Apocalyptic; the list goes on. Your story can be a One-Off, Mini Series, or even and Ongoing series. However, there are things we will need before sharing your stories with the world.

For starters, we will need you to sign our NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement). This way we can assure you that your story and ideas will remain yours and anything we create moving forward will remain between the OC (Original Creator) and Third Eye Storytelling.

Once that step is completed, we will need things such as: the complete synopsis of your story/series, five completed sample pages of the first comic, complete script, and the list of the members of the creative team.

·         The synopsis should cover your thoughts, ideas, and plans for the beginning, middle, and end of the series. Try to fit in the amount of issues you would like your series to be. Try not to leave out much information on characters or plot lines. The synopsis should at least be one page.

·         The script is your story, we want to see the story and of course your writing style. It will be important to view the script for editing reasons as well. Know that any edits suggested by Third Eye Storytelling will not be final. Your work belongs to you. If any changes are suggested, feel free to take what you like and leave what you don’t.

·         The first five pages are probably the most important for the first issue (Of a Comic Book). They are what gets a reader hooked and interested in your story. We want to get drawn into your story as well. These first five pages really count.

·         The members of your team are very important. We do want to help a great deal with the advertising of your story. When listing off the names of the team members, be sure to include links to social media pages to display their art, voice over reels, and contributions to your story!

If your story is accepted by Third Eye Storytelling, you and your team must be able to complete your work well before deadlines. We understand that there are challenges along the way, so we won’t put too much pressure on that subject at the beginning.

*Please be aware that Third Eye Storytelling DOES NOT pay page rates. We take a percentage from initial sales, and the rest of the profits go to you and your team. We do this because we will be working hard to advertise and publish your work and get it into the view and hands of readers. We will start with selling your books digitally. Once the ball begins rolling, we will then shift over to physical sales.

**Audio Dramas will be hosted by Anchor. Anchor distributes your stories to Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and many more. With the inclusion of ads, Third Eye Storytelling will also take a percentage of that before sending the remaining funds to the OC and their creative team.

***We also do not assemble creative teams for projects. If you want to submit to Third Eye Storytelling, you will have to have assembled your own creative team. We can; however, offer our suggestions.

Submissions can be sent to contact@thirdeyestorytelling.com

We hope to hear from you soon. We are the future of comic book storytelling; The Nexus of the Imagination.

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