About Third Eye Storytelling:
Third Eye Storytelling is one of the many pioneers in the universe of comic book storytelling. Our goal is simple: present and tell great stories. Our original ideas and stories will keep you interested and captivated until the very end and beyond. What makes us different? What makes us stand out? It’s easy to simply say that it is our content that will make us stand out, but it’s more than that. Third Eye Storytelling isn’t just another publisher with a large, connected universe. Third Eye Storytelling is the nexus of the imagination. We plan to tell any and every story that is ready to be told. We are the future of storytelling. Buckle up and be prepared to be taken on the ride of a lifetime. Our stories are coming and nothing is going to stop them!


About the Creators:

Sam C is the creator of Third Eye Storytelling. He has worked with several different small comic companies, and in several different areas. Sam has worked with companies such as: Red King Press, NO-Earth Comics, Affinity Press, Gemini Studios, and Dojo Kun Comics. The areas of work Sam has specialized in are: writing, editing, coloring, and lettering. Now he is ready to take the helm of his own comic book company and begin to tell his own stories. Welcome to Third Eye Storytelling, the future of storytelling.

Brooke plays a key role at Third Eye Storytelling on the business end of things. Not only is she an editor, but also manages marketing strategies, advertising, and communication for our growing audience and fellow comic book stores that are willing to help us grow. She helps keep track of our finances that allow us to advertise and keep track of our merchandise.  Brooke is a very important piece to this business and without her, you may not even be here reading this very bio! She is a caring, loving wife who is very family oriented. It is incredible to see her take control of this crazy life, and steer Third Eye Storytelling in the right direction. Without her, and growing our audience, our stories would continue to be untold.

About Us

As a company that is just getting started, being able to create great stories and comics isn't easy, and it is certainly not free. We ask you to support us an become a patron on our Patreon page! Just click the link below. By becoming a patron, you will receive special deals, perks, and merch. Go ahead and check it out!


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