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Darkness has engulfed the world, and those who are unfortunate enough to live, struggle to survive. From politics and anarchy to monsters, demons, and the dead walking among the living, the world has become Hell. There is no peace or serenity in this world. In this world there is only famine, war, conquest, and death. The Horsemen have arrived.     


The Devastation #1 is now available for digital
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Including the short fiction stories that can be found in The Devastation #1



Society is no more as the world has become a wasteland. Jack Gates finds himself woken from his cryogenic slumber into a world of nightmares. The collapse of humanity has come and gone, and Jack must find ways to survive the hellish landscape as the life of his violent past continues to chase him.

Bullet Born Preview

This preview includes the song "1000 Gods" by Violent Joy. Third Eye Storytelling has been given permission to use this track in our upcoming podcast.

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